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Sacrame by Sara Louise

Home deco / jewellery



Sacrame is a macrame artist who within 5 years personalized macrame pieces for her customers. She creates unique jewellery as well as big artpieces and homedecoration. Her creations are made out of recycled cotton and works with leftovers to garantee a zero waste attitude.

Sacrame by Sara Louise-0Sacrame by Sara Louise-1Sacrame by Sara Louise-2Sacrame by Sara Louise-3Sacrame by Sara Louise-4Sacrame by Sara Louise-5Sacrame by Sara Louise-6Sacrame by Sara Louise-7Sacrame by Sara Louise-8Sacrame by Sara Louise-9Sacrame by Sara Louise-10Sacrame by Sara Louise-11Sacrame by Sara Louise-12Sacrame by Sara Louise-13Sacrame by Sara Louise-14Sacrame by Sara Louise-15Sacrame by Sara Louise-16Sacrame by Sara Louise-17Sacrame by Sara Louise-18Sacrame by Sara Louise-19Sacrame by Sara Louise-20Sacrame by Sara Louise-21