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Marcel's Sk8-Shapes

All Paw-made, claw-shaped Longboards and Cruisers



Marcel, the lighthearted and comfortably sitting cat, started designing and shaping his first all "paw made" & "claw-shaped" boards mid-2017. He has 7 different "all customizable" longboard and cruiser models. Every single board is paw-crafted in an artisanal way and Marcel puts a lot of effort, love and purr into his work.   Since Marcel has no more space in his workshop, and thinks about launching some new art projects, he has decided to sell all his boards at reduced prices. Marcel invites you to discover all these unique pieces of art. See you soon! Puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr!!!

Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-0Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-1Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-2Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-3Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-4Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-5Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-6Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-7Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-8Marcel's Sk8-Shapes-9